PSD2 license requirements

An overview of PSD2 license requirements. Applications are submitted firm’s home regulator and need to include a business plan.

PSD2 Glossary

A glossary of some of the main terms related to PSD2. From Account Information Services to Remote Payment Transaction to Framework Contract.

PSD2 shareholding

PSD2 requires shareholders in payment institutions to notify their regulator in some cases when they are looking to buy or sell shares.

PSD2 capital requirements

PSD2 capital requirements for licensed payment institutions differ based on the activities of the firm. They start at EUR 20,000.

PSD2 in a nutshell

What is PSD2 in a nutshell?: PSD2 is a EU law that is intended to increase competition in the payments market in Europe.

PSD2 exclusions

PSD2 has a number of exclusions. These include payments directly from the payer to the payee (without an intermediary).

PSD2 regulation

PSD2 refers to Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the European Council. It repeals Directive 2007/64/EC (PSD).

PSD2 Payment Service Providers

PSD2 designates 6 types of Payment Service Providers. Including Payment Institutions, Electronic Money Institutions and Credit Institutions.


A simplified guide to PSD2. Learn what PSD2 is, the requirements it imposes on banks and the new opportunities it creates.